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Prime Engineering, Inc. is an employee-owned, full-service consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. Established in January of 1990, our firm has experienced 20% annual growth and has evolved into a market-focused organization. We offer fully integrated planning, surveying, engineering, architecture, and construction project approaches while concentrating on specific areas of expertise:

Municipal  •  Site Development  •  Surveying  •  Transportation
Aviation  •  Design-Build  •  Facilities  •  Industrial

What Is Your PRIME Goal?
With service and excellence as our founding principles, Prime Engineering focuses sharply on our clients’ needs and uses our clients’ definition of success as the measurement of our performance.

Webster’s definition of PRIME
1. First in excellence, quality, or value; of superior grade; first in rank or degree
2. To prepare; to make ready; to instruct beforehand; to become prepared for future
    action or operation
3. To encourage the growth or action of something

Living up to the definition of our name, Prime Engineering aims to become an integral part of our clients’ team and ensure that your Prime Goal is met. Assigning experienced professionals, comprehensively planning all projects, setting a system of efficient communication, and implementing checks and crosschecks are the guidelines that make Prime the superior firm in design, quality, technological achievement and cost-effectiveness.

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