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Presented by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Georgia

The Beaver Run Firing Range for the City of East Point

Prime engineering helps give law enforcement a better shot through revitalizing east point weapons training facility.

The American Council of Engineering Companies of Georgial announces the recipient of the 2000 Honor Award for Engineering Excellence. Prime Engineering, Inc. of Atlanta has been honored for the design and oversight of improvements to the Beaver Run Firing Range in the City of East Point, Georgia. 

Other consultants involved with the project work included Richard + Wittschiebe Architects, and Harrington Engineers, Inc., Structural Consultants.  The roles these firms played is as follows:  Richard + Wittschiebe Architects furnished architectural design for the two story control tower building.  Harrington Engineers, Inc. provided structural input for the control tower building and concrete ballistic walls.

As the metro Atlanta area continues to grow, so does the need for greater numbers of well trained law enforcement.  To answer the need for well-equipped training facilities, The City of East Point retained Prime Engineering, Inc. to extend professional services for upgrading the Beaver Run Firing Range to become a state-of the art pistol/rifle firing facility.

The project posed a number of challenges to which Prime Engineering collaborated with the Owner, FBI, and MARTA to implement effective solutions:

Prior to project improvements, only a handful of trainees could utilize the facility at one time.  Furthermore, despite there being pistol and rifle firing lanes, they could not be used simultaneously.  Ballistic Walls and Removable Barricades were added for longer distance shooting stations to define shooters’ firing space for the 30 targets.  These additions allowed the facility to accommodate up to 30 shooters

Today, the Beaver Run Firing Range is a complete and modern facility with features including a 30-position pistol range, a 5-position rifle range, a control tower, a computerized target system, and classroom building.  The two-story control tower overlooks the facility and provides a vantage point to operate the computerized target system.  The target system is pneumatically run for fast and reliable action. 

Metro Atlanta area law enforcement agencies that now utilize this facility include the City of East Point, the Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority Police Department, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


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