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City of East Point - Traffic Thoroughfare Plan
East Point, Georgia

Client Challenge:

In order to meet Federal funding requirements, East Point officials needed a detailed inventory of its transportation network including existing and proposed traffic volumes and road conditions.

PRIME Solution:

Prime Engineering created the East Point Thoroughfare Plan, which details the entire transportation network within the City.  Based on projected traffic flows, Prime also developed a 20-Year Transportation Improvement Plan consisting of over 30 projects.  The projects were submitted to the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) for federal funding.  The total request for funds is approximately $28 million over the 20 year implementation period.

Prime Engineering provided traffic studies, planning, surveying, design, project management and permitting assistance to explore various alternatives to improve downtown traffic congestion problems and improve the City’s downtown area.  Assisted City in developing project and secure funding through data collection, reports of findings, recommendations, and preliminary design for corrective measures.  Project involved interfacing with local constituents, various state and regional funding sources, and regulatory agencies including the Georgia Dept. of Transportation (GDOT), Fulton County DOT and the Atlanta Regional Commission.

Project kicked off with the completion of a transportation “Thoroughfare Plan” which involved collection of traffic counts, and roadway windshield surveys.  All state roads and all routes defined as major collectors or arterials were included in the study.  Study also considered impact of all MARTA routes.

Findings of the Thoroughfare Plan lead to the development of a Downtown Improvement Plan.  Traffic congestion plagued downtown East Point, specifically East Point Street and Main Street, and the cross streets in-between.  Proposed solution centered around converting Main Street and East Point Street from one-way traffic to two-way traffic to ease traffic problems. 

The improvement plan gives special attention to traffic control devices (changes to existing and new traffic signals, signing), on-street parking, pedestrian features, traffic calming, and other items recommended in the City’s Master Plan.  This phase of the project involved development of a construction phasing plan to keep traffic tie-ups prompted by construction to a minimum.

  • Alternative analysis & conceptual design
  • Data collection
  • Preliminary design
  • Public meetings
  • Topographic, utility & boundary survey
  • Coordination with the DOT
  • Submittal of conceptual design
  • Traffic control device plan
  • Meetings with DOT
  • Incorporation of DOT comments
  • Develop improvements plan
  • Construction standards for downtown
  • Develop master improvement plan
  • Develop construction phasing plan
  • Street scaping, utility modifications and re-paving, cross street improvements


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