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City of East Point Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study (SSES)
East Point, Georgia

Client Challenge:

The Public Utilities Department in the City of East Point had incomplete and outdated information on its 80 year old sanitary sewer collection system and needed to conduct a thorough evaluation of the system to determine the infrastructure’s condition.

PRIME Solution:

Utilizing three inspection teams, Prime Engineering located, inspected and mapped sanitary manholes located within the City.  From this information, a comprehensive GIS database was created, which allowed the Department of Public Utilities to better maintain its system while providing a tool with which the City can assess future capacity requirements.  As funding becomes available, additional evaluations will be performed to further evaluate and improve the system.

Prime Engineering, Inc. is providing services to inventory, assess, and provide necessary information needed to reduce the Infiltration and Inflow (I/I) in the City of East Point’s sanitary sewer collection system.  Services include identifying maintenance issues and means to improve the overall performance of the collection system and involve nearly 152 miles of sanitary sewer lines.

Project is occurring over three stages:

  1. Producing a comprehensive inventory of the sanitary sewer system within the City.
  2. Using the mapping data to strategically identify locations for flow monitoring. Monitoring will employ methods including smoke testing and flow isolation.
  3. Televising sections of sanitary sewer identified in the previous phases to ascertain the extent of I/I.  This will include a detailed report summarizing all SSES activities.

Project scope includes:

  • Locating sanitary sewer manholes
  • Evaluating and documenting manhole conditions
  • Providing temporary flow monitoring
  • Investigating infiltration/inflow (I/I) source detection
  • Recommending areas for further evaluation/testing (i.e. specific sewer line video taping, smoke testing, and flow monitoring)
  • Making recommendations for rehabilitation and repairs
  • Field investigations including of manholes investigating, smoke testing line segments, and taking flow isolation measurements. 
  • Upon completion of fieldwork, preparing report summarizing the methodology of the field investigation and major findings and submitting to the City.
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GIS Data

As a part of the East Point SSES Project, Prime Engineering created a GIS database of the City’s sanitary sewer infrastructure.  Manholes were located and mapped using Georgia West state plane coordinates in the NAD 83 projection.  Inspection data was entered into an ARCView geo-database and used throughout the remainder of the project to assess the condition of various sub-basins and to establish the priority of multiple repair and rehabilitation projects.  Upon completion of the inspection and mapping phases, Prime Engineering facilitated ARCView training for East Point personnel.

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