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Prime’s specialty systems team addresses a wide spectrum of aviation system needs with a distinct appreciation and understanding of airport operations and system maintenance challenges.  Understanding our client’s operational objectives and financial expectations is critical to providing solutions for reliability and bottom-line profits.  Our speciality system expertise includes:

Specialty Systems Expertise

Glycol and Deicing

  • type I, II, IV, and V storage
  • receipt systems
  • blending systems
  • hot and cold fill truck loading
  • spent glycol containment, collection, and storage
  • deicer fleet and demand studies

Passenger Boarding Bridges

  • new installations
  • retro-fits and upgrades
  • regional aircraft
  • foundation analysis and design
  • pre-conditioned air (PCA) systems
  • 400 hz ground power systems

400 hz Ground Power Systems

  • central systems
  • point-of-use systems
  • cargo facilities
  • passenger facilities
  • feasibility studies

Aircraft Parking and Movement

  • striping plans
  • site surveying and layout
  • hardstand parking
  • aircraft movement and trafficking studies
  • ramp efficiency and servicing studies

Glycol Systems
Prime Engineering begins any system engineering initiative with a detailed demand study.  We perform a cost benefit analysis to justify storage and loading capacity vs. deicer fleet size.  Our design professionals have developed industry standards for the following key glycol system principles:

  • Delivery and blending systems must be absolutely reliable in the most severe operational and weather conditions
  • An effective and client-approved balance must be achieved between energy efficiency, redundancy, capacity, and capital costs
  • Every effort must be made to protect the environment from spills without compromising safety or reliability of critical systems

Passenger Boarding Bridges, 400 hz Ground Power, and Aircraft Parking
Prime brings significant expertise in all areas of ramp engineering and aircraft servicing to each project.  Our engineers have multi-discipline design and operations experience and truly understand the critical and inter-relation of these specialty systems.  Clients are often surprised by our depth of understanding and breadth of perspective, which enables us to:

  • Increase safety efficiency of ramp operations by coordinating aircraft parking, GSE trafficking, and fuel service points
  • Maximize the number of aircraft positions in a parking or lease area
  • Minimize costs associated with passenger boarding bridge, PCA, and 400 hz ground power retro-fits with careful and innovative power demand studies
  • Minimize or eliminate gate downtimes with careful scenario planning and construction phasing

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