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Prime Engineering, Inc. has been heavily involved with aviation fueling design projects since the early 1990’s and is credited with the design of a unique leak detection system that now serves as the prototype for hydrant fueling system facilities; a design that may prevent long-term environmental problems.  We are known for developing reliable, cost-effective solutions that meet or exceed the needs of our clients and the specific project without compromising quality or function. 

Prime aviation fueling specialists address a wide spectrum of system needs with a distinct appreciation and understanding of airport operation and system maintenance challenges.  We have developed expertise in engineering components for entire facilities, as well as individual systems to optimize operational efficiency.

Well known for our work, Prime's fuel systems group has experience leading design teams and being a valued team member.  We have extensive experience with acquiring the necessary permits and agency approvals.  Our professional staff stays updated on environmental issues and concerns, as established by federal, state, and local regulations.

Fueling Expertise

Hydrant Distribution Systems

  • demolition & disposal of existing apron pavements & underground piping
  • hydraulic analysis of transmission main and hydrant lateral piping
  • buried piping
  • fueling hydrant pits
  • isolation valve vaults
  • remote truck racks
  • cathodic protection design
  • concrete apron pour back
  • system flushing & testing
  • aircraft parking layout
  • apron pavement striping

Bulk Fueling Storage and Pumping

  • API 650 aboveground Jet A storage tanks
  • fuel tank gauging and level alarm systems
  • instrumentation & control systems
  • leak detection
  • filtration & pumping systems
  • tanker truck off-loading & loading facilities
  • AFFF fire protection systems
  • cathodic protection design
  • lightning suppression system
  • API 653 tank inspection services

Hydrant Distribution Systems
Prime Engineering begins any hydrant fueling initiative with a detailed fuel demand study.  We perform a cost benefit analysis to justify hydrant capability and capacity vs. ramp refuelers.  Our design professionals have developed industry standards for the following key hydrant system principles:

  • Transmission line piping sized for peak fuel quality and energy efficiency
  • System piping and valve vault layouts to maximize operational flexibility and dependability vs installation cost
  • Fuel hydrant pits located to facilitate aircraft ramp service access and safety
  • Pumping system capacities and types selected to meet peak demands while providing efficient operation at all flow rates
  • Overall system goals of fuel quality, safety and operational redundancy, and sensible maintainability
  • Minimum gate downtime during retro-fit hydrant position relocations or additions
  • Innovative remote communication for emergency shut-off systems

Bulk Storage, Receipt Storage, and Distribution Systems
Having worked on numerous fuel farms of various scopes and sizes, Prime Engineering has built expertise in all aspects of fuel storage work.  Our specialists have a keen understanding of the economic and operational factors involved in an aviation fueling facility - factors such as:

  • The number of fuel supply entities (i.e. multiple pipelines, truck deliveries, marine vessels)
  • The number of reserve tanks needed for routine and non-routine out-of-service maintenance
  • Optimal pipeline batch quantities and rates
  • Throughput rates
  • Site limitations for containment and arrangement
  • Projected facility demand

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