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Kennesaw State University Master Plan
Kennesaw State University

Client Challenge:

Kennesaw State University faces the possibility of 100% student growth in the next 10 years and the challenge of planning a utility infrastructure solution to support the campus building expansion and development of facilities for entering into the NCAA Division I sports arena.

PRIME Solution:

Prime Engineering’s knowledge base of the facility and completing a recent project of utility mapping of the campus resulted in presenting a high quality utility master plan.

Prime Engineering is currently providing utility master planning for a 188-acre university campus forecast to grow from a current population of 17,000 students to 35,000 students. 

Prime Engineering is providing analysis of the existing systems to determine the projected utility infrastructure for the campus.  These systems include the campus distribution systems for water, sanitary sewer, storm water, primary electrical, natural gas, telephone and network.  The analysis is being performed in conjunction with the campus planning team that projects the campus growth in students, physical plant buildings and program expansion.  The master plan will identify the utility infrastructure expansion by year and estimated cost to implement the utility expansion. 

Master Planning Scope Elements:

  • Identifying the existing utility infrastructure
  • Capacity analysis of the existing systems
  • Project expansion of the utilities for various campus sizes
  • Master plan for utility expansions based on phased growth
  • Cost estimates for the phased utility infrastructure growth

Specific Engineering Tasks Performed:

  • Load projections (all utility systems)
  • Utility mapping
  • Engineering calculations
  • Hydrology study
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