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City of East Point Conceptual Study for New City Hall
East Point, Georgia

Client Challenge:

The City of East Point currently occupies several buildings from which the various City departments run their daily operations.  The City wishes to consolidate its resources into one building.  Centralizing civic services will result in overall savings in the amount of money spent each year on buildings currently used by the City.  The new City Hall will also serve as a focal point for downtown, which has the potential to spur new development and increase retail opportunities in downtown.

PRIME Solution:

Prime Engineering conducted a space utilization study to determine the amount of space required by each department.  Additional area was then provided to allow for adequate public space (hallways, restrooms, storage, etc.) and the anticipated growth over approximately 10 years.  Prime Engineering also assessed inter-departmental relationships, which gave an indication as to which departments should be located near each other.  From these assessments, Prime Engineering prepared a conceptual plan for a new 63,000 square foot City Hall, which included floor plans, an architectural narrative and a detailed cost estimate.

Prime Engineering provided a conceptual study and preliminary services for a proposed new city hall facility.  This planning program anticipated construction of 32,540sf facility.  Services included site selection, floor plan / elevations refinement, site evaluations / surveys architectural renderings, and financing option analysis. 

Specific aspects of the scope of work include:

  • Architectural renderings
  • Preliminary site plans including parking areas, sidewalks and landscaping will be prepared
  • Site renderings showing photographs of structures adjacent to the proposed sites, which will be used to ensure that the new city hall blends with the existing surroundings
  • Building cost estimates
  • Financing option analysis
  • Analysis of funding alternatives
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