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Jackson County, Georgia

To meet increasing demands on its water distribution system, Jackson County undertook a large-scale development initiative funded by a Special Local Options Sales Tax (SPLOST). This initiative consisted of numerous prioritized and as-needed projects including water main extensions, pump station upgrades, and miscellaneous system improvements.

Prime Engineering, Inc. first worked with Jackson County under the SPLOST initiative, providing survey and design services (including aerial and GPS survey, full detailed design, construction documentation, permitting, bidding assistance, and construction administration) to design and construct over 130 miles of water distribution system. Construction was slated to occur within existing right-of-ways, using SPLOST and bond funding; however, existing right-of-ways were often contradictory or nonexistent. Therefore, Prime conducted detailed investigations of courthouse records to assess and pinpoint right-of-ways. Once right-of-ways were determined, Prime designed waterline routes, then reviewed these routes with each property owner prior to construction.


Following the initial SPLOST work, the county retained Prime to design and engineer water and wastewater systems on an as-needed basis. In total, Prime has provided ongoing services for four years, encompassing more than 30 projects.

Projects have included:

  • SPLOST 3-5: Partial design, bidding, permitting, and construction administration for 49 miles of 8- to 16-inch ductile iron pipe
  • Apple Valley & Galilee Church : Pump station construction administration and startup
  • SPLOST 6-9: Survey, design, permitting, and construction administration for 71 miles of 6- to 24-inch ductile iron pipe
  • Wayne Poultry Road : Survey, design, permitting, bidding, and construction administration for .3 miles of 12-inch ductile iron pipe waterline relocation
  • Water Distribution System Model: Design and engineering services to evaluate existing and future countywide water distribution needs, then create, model, and calibrate a water distribution system to meet those needs
  • Middle Oconee Wastewater Treatment Plant: Design services to upgrade an existing wastewater treatment plant from 0.3 MGD to 2.5 MGD

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