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Peachtree City Airport Authority

The Peachtree City Airport Authority (PCAA) has launched a steady program to expand and develop its Falcon Field general aviation airport. Since the program’s inception, Falcon Field has nearly tripled its aircraft fixed base capacity and has expanded its runway into a mile-long structure capable of accommodating aircraft up to 30 tons in weight. In the process, the airport has become one of the Southeast’s leading general aviation facilities.

Prime Engineering has been integral to the PCAA’s recent planning, design, and engineering operations. Additionally, Prime is currently providing services in support of the PCAA’s plans for future airport expansion, including several new hangars and a 550-foot paved overrun for the runway.


Projects on which Prime has worked, or is working, include:

  • NAVAIDS Study and Relocation: Prime conducted a study to determine the viability of various airport improvements. Additionally, Prime provided design services for ASOS relocation.
  • FAR Part 77 Surface Plan: In support of the Airport’s FAR Surface Plan, Prime provided design services to delineate all approach, conical, horizontal, primary, and transitional surfaces
  • Falcon Field Land Use Compatibility Planning: Prime Engineering assisted the PCAA in implementing new height restriction zoning regulations to prevent developmental encroachment on aircraft operations.
  • Hangar Area “B” Site Investigation and Concept Plan: To aid the PCAA’s program to build new hangar facilities, Prime conducted an environmental assessment, surveying, geotechnical investigation, and conceptual plans for the site of a proposed new hangar.
  • Hangar Areas “B” and “C” Environmental Assessment: Prime is conducting a detailed environmental assessment of an 84-acre tract intended to house two new hangars.

“Prime Engineering’s talented, experienced professionals approach each project with a well-defined plan. They take a ‘big picture’ approach to projects, continually seeking alternatives to save time and money for the sponsor. As a result, Prime has always met or beaten project budget goals. It is refreshing to work with a responsive, proactive firm that involves the sponsor throughout the project and goes out of its way to ensure total sponsor satisfaction.”

John Crosby
Peachtree City Airport Authority


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