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Equal Opportunity Employer
Prime Engineering, Inc. was established with a commitment to provide equal employment opportunity to all persons without regard to their race, color, religion, sex, handicap, age, or national origin. These goals are realized through a positive continuing program and atmosphere for diversity.

Prime Engineering, Inc. will recruit, hire, and treat employees equally without regard to their race, religion, sex, color, handicap, age, or national origin. Equal opportunity and equal consideration is afforded to all applicants and employees, including recruiting, hiring, training, promotion, rates of pay or other compensation, transfer and layoff or termination.

Through the implementation of this policy, it is our intention to provide full and equal employment opportunities for women and members of minority groups, and to employ appropriate numbers at all job levels through upgrading existing employees and recruiting actions.

Our philosophy toward people and desire for results create the Prime atmosphere. Our entire company revolves around people. From the field personnel to members of the Executive Committee, everyone plays an important part in achieving our goals. There are no unimportant people in our organization. Putting people first…that’s been one of the cornerstones of Prime since we started. It’s everyone’s ideas and hard work that makes Prime a great company. In joining Prime, you are surrounded by bright, intelligent people who are competitive and eager to take on new challenges. You are an integral part of a FIRST RATE team.

The single most important reason why people join Prime is an opportunity for challenging work and advancement. At Prime, advancement is based on performance. Our growth objectives are stretching and challenging. We need people who can grow and adapt to meet our goals.

Competitive Edge
Sharp Focus - Concentration on the client base we define and choose to capture
Credibility - Through past performance we link our performance in empirical terms to the client’s own definition of success (No Hype)
Continuous Improvement - Developing a “Learning Organization”

Personal Growth
Through training, we will expose you to every facet of our operation. Our objective is to teach you not only the necessary technical skills, but the management characteristics and traits that will make you a top notch leader. We want to provide the atmosphere, the assistance and the guidance for you to grow to assume more and more responsibility.

Personal growth is up to you. We can only provide the opportunity. You alone determine your rate of growth. The number one ingredient for advancement at Prime is your ability to develop subordinates by helping them to grow personally.

Prime Engineering is growing! Join our team!
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